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Clean Out the Mental Clutter

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean out and de-clutter the mental closets and drawers within our mind. Whether it is an emotional, spiritual or physical mindset, take a few minutes to go outside today, close your eyes…

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Peace ~ such a simple word that holds such magnificent power.  Close your eyes take a nice inhale, then exhale and as you exhale whisper “Peace” slowly and deliberately.  Exhale completely then inhale again and repeat by saying “Peace” on…

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Take A Breath

Have you ever noticed that you hold your breath under stress or when you have an emotional response to a situation?  If you tense up, say while you are driving or carrying a load of groceries up a flight of…

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The Peace You Desire is Within

Some days you might feel restless and unsettled...we are so busy striving for a sense of peace in our lives that we forget we can create it as we move through experiences and tasks throughout our day. The peace you…

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Fully Present and Grounded

Some days you may feel like you are scattered or being pulled in a million directions. On those days, spend some quiet time grounding or centering yourself. To feel fully present and grounded, close your eyes, breathe and imagine you…

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