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Choose Peace Not Fear

To be a peacemaker, we have to choose to be peaceful and be at peace.  A very tall order when all around us we see strife and turmoil; however, that is when it is most needed. Concentrate on what you…

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Choose Compassion, Peace and Love

Regardless of what you celebrate this time of year take the time to reflect on what you desire for this great nation and planet. More peace among people? More unconditional love toward all? Then ask yourself, “What am I doing…

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How to Release Self-Judgment

Self-kindness is one of the hardest characteristics to cultivate. Guilt and shame are some of the feelings along with other harsh, judgmental emotions that keep us from achieving a kindness toward ourselves. It is as though we do not deserve…

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A Terrific Way to Start Your Day

A terrific way to start your day is to set a clear intention before rising out of bed to be a vessel of God's loving Light.  Here are some wonderful affirmations to help you start your day this way: God, go…

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

  Ever feel like people take advantage or run over you?  Finding a balance between being of service versus giving too much of yourself is learning to set healthy boundaries for yourself.  Setting boundaries can be difficult as we think…

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