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You Control Your Perception

Today I share with you a Gentle Reminder that you hold the power of choice in all you say and do.  Where are you in this moment?  Mentally, where are your thoughts?  What is your emotional state?  How do you…

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Fostering a Mindful Response to Life Experiences

Today's Gentle Reflection is about fostering a mindful response to life experiences. All too often, we have life moments that trigger deep emotional attachment. It is those triggers that we can quickly step back from if we use our mindful…

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How does your inner child influence you?

In my years of mentoring, I have noticed that the majority of my clients are influenced by their inner child primarily when it comes to emotionally charged moments. Think about it for a moment. When we are attached to an…

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How to Release Anger or Hurt

A dear friend once told me if we look at those who have hurt us as a person who is broken it can help us to feel more love and compassion towards that individual. Those words resonated deeply with me.…

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