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Choose Peace Not Fear

To be a peacemaker, we have to choose to be peaceful and be at peace.  A very tall order when all around us we see strife and turmoil; however, that is when it is most needed. Concentrate on what you…

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Stop the Paralyzing Mindset and Choose Positivity

Recently, we have all heard the national and international tragedy in the news. The collective consciousness of the human race is emanating a vibration of lower emotions such as fear, anger, and despair. None of us want to experience this…

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Change is Good

Change is good and necessary.  I know this intellectually and conceptually but how do I respond to it? I close my eyes and get lost in the rhythm of my breath.  I tell myself to look at whatever the situation…

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Replace Fear with Faith

  Fear is a powerful emotion that can be debilitating at times.  Too often we forget that fear is only to warn us of an imminent danger and not an emotional space to reside.  Sometimes we find ourselves being held…

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Choose Faith Over Fear

Today I remind myself that I have nothing to fear because fear is only false evidence appearing real or simply as an illusion. I choose faith over fear. I close my eyes and connect with my definition of the Divine. I rest…

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Feeling fragile or vulnerable?

Today’s Affirmation: When I am feeling fragile or vulnerable and I want to summon a sense of strength, I close my eyes and connect to God and the Universe and invoke the following: I am the light Light flows through…

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