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You Are the Master of Your Choices

As we embark upon this new year... Remember that you hold the power of choice in your life.   You create your life by your choices of intention and thought, and, in turn, those choices line up your actions and life…

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Look Forward, But Enjoy the NOW

With the New Year upon us, it's common to really start thinking about looking forward, setting goals, and making changes. Sometimes, we look ahead to new chapters like a new job, new marriage, or new goals we set at the…

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Mindfully Live Your Journey

This week I would like to offer a gentle reminder, life is a journey, not a destination. Too often as we rush through our day and plan our future, we focus on a result and not all the moments that…

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Let Go of Fear When Feeling Challenged

When we embrace life challenges that appear to limit our goals, we give ourselves permission to take one step closer to our dreams and leading a life of our choosing. Questions to think about and ask yourself: What am I…

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Living Free of Judgment to Claim Peace

Sometimes when we are in the midst of significant personal challenges, it can be difficult to stay connected to a stillness practice. We know and understand why we should; however, part of the processing of the challenges itself often leads…

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Stay fully aware and fully connected!

I have experienced a lot of growing pains recently and am constantly reminded in my quiet meditative time to see the good that comes from every juncture and every path. Each path takes you right where you need to be,…

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