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Make Time for Yourself

As we head into a new season, we are adjusting to the new routines for ourselves and those around us. We are adapting to fewer daylight hours to enjoy outdoor activities and any new requirements. I like to think of…

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You Can Choose Your Vibe

At this time of year, as we experience tight schedules and mounting demands did you know that you have a built-in tool to help you release stress? In those moments when you are standing in line or faced with a…

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Cultivating Patience

In conjunction with my Blog Talk Radio Show, this week the theme is Patience. We all know patience is a virtue but have little time for it.  Learning the art of owning a sense of patience goes hand-and-hand with a…

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Peace ~ such a simple word that holds such magnificent power.  Close your eyes take a nice inhale, then exhale and as you exhale whisper “Peace” slowly and deliberately.  Exhale completely then inhale again and repeat by saying “Peace” on…

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