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Shine Brightly

A gentle reminder that you bring a special healing light to humanity. Rest in support of the Universe and allow that light to shine. Each Soul is unique and precious in its own way. You may not have conscious awareness…

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Remember You Are Enough

As a Gentle Reminder, you are enough, release lower energies of guilt, shame, judgment or fear that somehow you are not worthy or inadequate. Recognize you are part of a greater whole, the Universal One of Love and Light. It…

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Enjoy Your Path

At times when I have experienced growing pains I am constantly reminded in my quiet meditative time to see the good that comes from every juncture and every path. Each path takes you right where you need to be, the…

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Claim your inner peace!

  Wow, life can throw some serious blowing punches. You dodge and weave only so much. You fend off the naysayers, the tough life experiences and challenges, the emotional attacks but at times you become totally drained. Do you recognize those moments and…

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