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Live Your Truths

Our ego has its idea of who we are. This idea has a powerful influence on us both positively and negatively. The ego supports you in moving forward and driving you to succeed. It can also have you believe that…

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Listen to Your Inner Voice

When making choices and decisions, tune into your heart when evaluating which direction you will choose. What do I mean by that? Check in and ask how you feel about the decision, what emotions come to the surface. Too often…

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Cultivate Your Inner Compass

As human beings, we are taught to analyze life situations to make sense of them. During this process, little regard is taken for how the gut is directing us. We have all had those moments of following our heart and…

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Honor Your Feelings

Honoring ourselves and our feelings is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.  Many times we allow others to convince us that our feelings are not valid or that we are too sensitive.  Is there such a thing?  Think about…

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Trust Your Intuition

Have you ever doubted your gut reaction or had someone encourage you to second guess yourself? Or have you had someone convince you to minimize how you feel as if they knew exactly how you were processing that particular experience…

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