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Awareness Is Power

Old habits and patterns control the way you deal with your current life experiences. Many times it is unconscious and you don’t give it a second thought until you begin to experience difficulties associated with these rooted, old patterns.  Although…

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How Mindfulness Helps Controlling Anger

When we let anger get the best of us,we are allowing it to have full controlover us and our actions. Once we allowit to gain control, it then affects ouractions and mood, which can bedangerous. Making the effort to notallow another person…

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Practicing Self-Kindness to Cope with Stress

Self-kindness is one of the hardest characteristics to cultivate. Guilt and shame are some of the feelings along with other harsh, judgmental emotions that keep us from achieving a kindness toward ourselves. However, most of us today are suffering from the stress that chaos and uncertainty can…

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How Mindfulness Can Clear Your Mental Fog

Are you experiencing mental fog?Are you having trouble concentrating,getting work done, or doing work well? If this sounds like you, then I’m happy tosay there is hope, and you CAN be freefrom the fog! Usually, we want to waitthe brain…

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Anxiety Could be Causing Weight Gain

You’ve walked into the kitchen probably 10 times in the past hour looking for food, just grazing. Each time, you’ve grabbed a snack--a bag of chips, cookies, maybe you tried to mix it up and have some healthy fruit--and before…

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