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Are you Feeling Annoyed?

Can you think of someone who immediately elicits an emotion of irritation or annoyance? You think of all the instances to support this feeling, and a sensation is felt in the body by the mere thought or sight of this…

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Create What You Want in Life

We are powerful creators in our own lives. What we give to the world, we receive back. Through our mindful practice, we can foster a deep sense of awareness of the present moment, accept what is and make conscious choices…

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Take It All In and Savor the Present

I recognize the challenges of living mindfully aware of each moment, and I have found it helpful to begin this awareness by noticing a few moments throughout the day. For example, notice when you experience a strong positive or negative…

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How to Live with Expanded Awareness

Expounding upon my Gentle Reflection from last week, developing our connection within,  I believe we must first learn to explore our inner world, who we are in the quietness of our mind without harsh criticism of Self. We can accomplish…

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Awareness Vrs. Mindfulness

I have noticed in talking about mindfulness and awareness that people often use these words as if they were interchangeable. One may live in awareness however that does not mean that they live mindfully aware. Being aware is noticing; judgment…

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