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Practice Patience to Enjoy the Flow of Life

As I explore each of the seven mindful principles and what they mean in my life and the life of my clients, patience always is a significant factor in self-discovery, development, and evolution. The best analogy of patience I learned…

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How Divine Timing Works in Life

One challenging concept to embrace is that of Divine Timing and its meaning. The analogy of the growth of a bamboo plant is a perfect one to help define the meaning of divine timing. The bamboo plant starts its growth…

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Cultivating Patience

In conjunction with my Blog Talk Radio Show, this week the theme is Patience. We all know patience is a virtue but have little time for it.  Learning the art of owning a sense of patience goes hand-and-hand with a…

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Choose Uncertainty

Ever grow weary of uncertainty?  Rather than attaching to that thought pattern, why not choose to celebrate that life is filled with uncertainty and encourage growth and freedom.  Okay, don't check out quite yet ... choose to accept uncertainty knowing…

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Divine Order

We live in a world of instant gratification.  We want what we want, and we want it now!  We know all about patience, and we tell ourselves to have patience and allow things to manifest as they are suppose to;…

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