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Mindfulness Helps the Mind and Body

Mindfulness is often looked at as something that's great for the mind (wow, it was aptly named!), but it can also do wonders for your body!When our brains are overloaded with stress or worry, our bodies suffer as well.  Life…

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Trust in the Natural Flow

Today's Gentle Reflection is a reminder to trust in the natural flow and evolution of all things.  As humans, it is natural to fear change and ride a roller coaster of emotions because life circumstances or events represent change.  All…

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Finding Peace Amongst Growing Pains

Personal development results in growth and change, but often it requires us to venture away from our comfort zone. Stepping away from your safety net and into the area of unknown and unfamiliar, we may experience doubt, apprehension, and fears.…

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Embrace Growth one Opportunity at a Time

I love springtime and seeing all the new growth and budding of nature. This season always reminds me that things are not meant to stay the same, and that change is good and necessary. Now is an excellent time to…

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