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Change is Good

Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern that is not beneficial or in alignment with what you want? Be mindfully aware of when you are having these feelings, and choose to let go of the emotional state that does…

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Let Go of Stress

Striving for Inner Peace in the midst of drama, chaos, or any experience that is less than desirable is difficult for the most mindful person. In many situations, we can fend off the pressure of being drawn into the experience;…

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Are you Reliving the Past in the Present?

Do you find yourself hanging onto the past, reliving old hurts and negative experiences? Those attachments cause suffering and intrude upon your ability to live fully in the present. The moments lived now are co-creating your future life. The next…

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Are you experiencing growing pains?

As you journey the path of applying the principles of mindfulness to everyday living, inevitably you grow in mind, body, and spirit. As you evolve to higher levels of consciousness, there are old habits, stuck emotions, and stagnant energy that…

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Give Yourself a Break

This week I want to lovingly and compassionately remind you one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to accept all of the emotions that you feel as real. No one can tell you not to feel something…

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Live Life to the Fullest – Mindfully

I recognize that to some living mindfully may seem to be non-emotional, methodical, clinical and frankly, not natural. However, it is quite the contrary. If we begin by being present in the moment, we are living and seeing that experience…

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