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How Mindfulness Helps Controlling Anger

When we let anger get the best of us,we are allowing it to have full controlover us and our actions. Once we allowit to gain control, it then affects ouractions and mood, which can bedangerous. Making the effort to notallow another person…

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How to Release Anger or Hurt

A dear friend once told me if we look at those who have hurt us as a person who is broken it can help us to feel more love and compassion towards that individual. Those words resonated deeply with me.…

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Release Anger and Live with Peace

Having my practice for nine years now, I have noticed that anger wears many disguises. Sometimes it is as blatant as yelling and screaming or the deadly silent treatment but other times it is a sarcastic sense of humor or cynical…

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Release Anger

by Nancy Gentle Boudrie “Face it, embrace it, and then release it.”  These words have been part of my healing process for years.  However, the power lies in the awareness of what we need to face, own and then ultimately…

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