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Embrace that Life is Uncertain

Life is always changing and evolving. For instance, we see it in the change of seasons no two plants grow the same from season to season. Nature shows us how to remain open and allow these changes at the same…

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You Can Release a Negative Mindset

Are you finding yourself seeing only what's wrong in your life? Take a breath, and consider all that is right in your life, and choose to celebrate the smallest of experiences. I have found for some it’s hard to have…

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How much time do you spend ruminating?

Although it is natural and can be healthy to self-reflect over-thinking can quickly turn to negative self-talk that is excessive and repetitive. This over-thinking pattern is like a car stuck in the sand where the wheels spin without making forward…

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Choose the Power of Positivity

Today, I want you to set the intention to have a “No Complaints” policy. Watch, with awareness, your language and be on the lookout for negative or judgmental expressions. Remember, when we indulge in complaining we give power to that…

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How to Release a Negative Mindset

You have a choice. You can choose to look at all that is wrong in your life or choose to celebrate the smallest of experiences that are right in your life. I have found for some it's hard to have…

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