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You Are Enough

A gentle reminder, you are enough, just as you are. Lovingly accepting the person you are, your feelings, thoughts, and values, the total package is the best gift for overall health you can give to yourself. If you struggle with…

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Give Yourself a Break

This week I want to lovingly and compassionately remind you one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to accept all of the emotions that you feel as real. No one can tell you not to feel something…

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Learn to Love and Accept Yourself

A foundation of mindful living requires having a positive feeling about Self. Living without self-judgment or constantly belittling yourself, you create a mindset by which to see yourself in a positive light. While this positive mindset about Self may not…

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Can you look truthfully at yourself?

We all have sides of ourselves that we do not like or areas we perceive to be lacking. However, all aspects of us have served in some form or fashion to get us to the present moment. Each quality has…

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