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Awareness Is Power

Old habits and patterns control the way you deal with your current life experiences. Many times it is unconscious and you don’t give it a second thought until you begin to experience difficulties associated with these rooted, old patterns.  Although…

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Using Mindfulness to Improve Problem-Solving

Although anyone can achieve mindfulness, we differ in our ability and willingness or desire to achieve it.  Practice does make perfect, and over time, you can further your self-awareness.  Being mindful involves neutrally acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations,…

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Use Mindfulness to Live Life to the Fullest

I recognize that, to some, living mindfully may seem to be non-emotional, methodical, clinical and, frankly, not natural. However, it is quite the contrary. If we begin by being present in the moment, we are living and seeing that experience…

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Manifest Love Through Mindfulness

February is the month of love.  Self-love, romantic love, and love for friends and family.  I talked about self-love last week, but this week, let’s manifest love from others. It’s entirely possible to manifest love—whether it’s romantic or friendly love. …

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Live Your Truths

Our ego has its idea of who we are. This idea has a powerful influence on us both positively and negatively. The ego supports you in moving forward and driving you to succeed. It can also have you believe that…

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