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How Mindfulness Helps With Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, allow me to show you how we can help ease it and do it naturally without all of those chemicals and prescriptions.  More than 100-million adults suffer with chronic pain in the U.S.  Aside…

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Mindfulness Helps the Mind and Body

Mindfulness is often looked at as something that's great for the mind (wow, it was aptly named!), but it can also do wonders for your body!When our brains are overloaded with stress or worry, our bodies suffer as well.  Life…

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Are you Overthinking Again?

Have you noticed yourself constantly living “inside your head,” or do you ever notice yourself replaying an experience over and over in your head? Rumination creates negativity and a toxic mindset which can lead to anxiety and depression. Often, we do…

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Searching for Ways to Reduce Stress?

How do you feel about taking your mind off your daily tasks and just being? Examples would be sitting in stillness connecting to your breath to bring a sense of peacefulness, or it can be a brisk jog through the…

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