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Does Life Have a Vise-Grip on You?

Often we grip on tightly to life, our life experiences or situations, for fear if we don't somehow control or worry about whatever is occurring it will not turn out the way we have planned. In the end, it will…

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Choose a Positive Outlook

We live in a time of uncertainty:  our political environment, weather patterns, and economic trends, just to name a few, are all volatile. All these factors can breed lower energies like confusion, fear, anger, and anxiety. Instead of choosing these…

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Mindful Meditation Exercise

Please enjoy this 9-minute mindful exercise to help you release worry from your life and embrace freedom and creativity! Learn more about the value of meditation by clicking here. By Nancy Gentle Boudrie of Awaken With Light, Inc.

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  Often, when we are emotionally attached to the outcome of something or to someone we tend to invite worry in as that is part of being human.  We accept worry as part of the process as everyone does it.…

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