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Trust In The Natural Flow

Trust in the Natural Flow

Today’s Gentle Reflection is a reminder to trust in the natural flow and evolution of all things.  As humans, it is natural to fear change and ride a roller coaster of emotions because life circumstances or events represent change.  All of it is the natural progression—always flowing, always changing, no two moments are the same. 

I encourage you to stop struggling against the flow.  I invite you to mindfully explore the following thought:

“How can I foster a sense of trust, drop my resistance, and be one with change, evolution, and the flow of life?”

Remember to explore with love and kindness for self, open curiosity and detachment of what you are feeling, and while sensing and experiencing your inner world.  This awareness gives you insight on how you can respond to your own needs to soften your emotional response to uncertainty and change.  In turn, you’re able to also morph your thoughts around the event and your perception, thus choosing what you truly desire to experience in the present moment—peace. 

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