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Tune Into Your Feelings

Tune into Your Feelings

Ever catch yourself saying to yourself,
“Oh, it’s just a feeling.”  Guess what?
Those pesky emotions are barometers,
and the direction in which they point is
based off of your thoughts.  When you
ignore these feelings, you ignore vital
assistance your inner voice is trying to
give you. 

Listen and tune into your feelings. 
Mindfully respecting and honoring your
feelings is the best gift of self-nurturing
compassion and love you can give yourself. 

How do you mindfully honor your emotions? 
Remember, mindfulness is fostering non-
judgement and open curiosity of how you
show up mentally, emotionally, and physically
in your life experiences.  Drop the self-criticism,
and see it for what it is: a feeling barometer of
where you are.  No emotion is permanent.  All
emotions ebb and flow. It is honoring our
emotions.  We allow our inner voice to be heard,
and thus understand the current running under
every thought we think.

It is from this space that we can take action
to process—and then choose—our natural
state of being of inner peace and wholeness.

Need assistance with this mindful concept?
Please do not hesitate to contact me and
start the road to empowerment through mindful

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