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Turn Overwhelm into Peace

You wake up, and the thoughts
immediately start: What if today
is the day when my job is eliminated?

You start recalling all the rumors of
your company being bought out
by a big competitor.

How is that going to affect me?
What if they keep me but change
my responsibilities?
Can I learn something new?
Can I adapt?

Your mind immediately goes to
all the negative scenarios.

Wow, I can’t lose my job right now.
I have college expenses for my son.
The house needs a new roof. I have
some major repairs on the car. I have
to hire health care aids for my senior
mother for round-the-clock care.
Money is already tight. Plus, I’m too
old to go back on the job-hunting circuit.

You’re trying to push through getting
ready and getting the morning chores
done, and these negative thoughts are
just popping into your mind every chance
they get. You’re trying to shove some type
of breakfast in and also trying to take a
moment to catch your breath. You think
“What am I going to do?!”

Your insides are screaming for help,
and you can feel the overwhelm in all
parts of your body.
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I was right here 10-plus years ago. Slightly
different, but overwhelmed by change.
Trying to make another work transition,
except this time it was from stay-at-home
mom to holistic practitioner in a field that
was virtually unknown. In addition, I needed
to get going and get going fast, as my
family needed the money because my
husband was a realtor, and the 2008
crash was upon us.

What was I going to do with my small
children when they get home from
school if I had to work late? The
house needed some repairs as well
as meeting my living expenses and
possible childcare expenses. Plus,
I had already tried to re-enter the
insurance market several years back
only to find that I was considered old
and out of the work force too long.
I remembered failure all too well.
At that point, I was trying to create
something from nothing. Thoughts,
apprehension, and fear, as well as an
overall sense of confusion was continually
coming into my thoughts. I felt like I was
helpless and like life was out of control.

But my skills of mindfulness pulled me
through. Now, before you go thinking that
I am some Zen Master, I want to set the
record straight: I am far from the queen of
relaxation. I am more like the Energizer
bunny—possibly even what he would
be like on steroids. My mind never shuts
off, and I am always going.

But what I have come to discover is how
important it is to live in the present moment
with awareness. By doing so, I can cultivate
the mindset I choose. I’m the master of my mind
and emotions—no one else.
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Now, you may be telling yourself you have
done all this, and nothing seems to work.
You may think you just have to live this way.

But if you continue to plow through,
I’m here to tell you that you will find
yourself in a greater pickle than you’re
in right now. Symptoms will continue to
show up, and ailments will continue
to surface. It’s inevitable as the mental
emotional traumas in life leave an
energetic imprint on the cells, which
will eventually create disease in the body.

Let me share proven tools and
techniques that are backed by
scientific data and will help you
build muscle memory, teach you
to be aware of what you are paying
attention to, and determine exactly
HOW you are paying attention. I can
teach you to take back your power,
so you are not the victim to your
racing thoughts and emotions.
You learn to choose your mindset
and how to navigate the changes.
The end result is less stress and
more peace and joy in your life.

It’s as simple as clicking this link to
schedule your strategy session to map
out your personalized plan that will help
get you to a point of less stress in life
and more peace of mind!

Let me help you take back your POWER!

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