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Use Mindfulness To Live Life To The Fullest

Use Mindfulness to Live Life to the Fullest

I recognize that, to some, living mindfully
may seem to be non-emotional, methodical,
clinical and, frankly, not natural.
However, it is quite the contrary.
If we begin by being present in the moment,
we are living and seeing that experience
as it unfolds at that very moment.
This is our very nature. We shift from doing to being.

Tuning into all aspects of the here
and now–which includes what we
are physically feeling, where our thoughts
reside, and what emotion we are holding.

Such expanded awareness is our natural
way of living, it is heartfelt and encourages
self-exploration with love and compassion.
Living with mindful awareness is being alive
with feeling, and represents our natural way
of living.

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