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Use Your Emotions to Empower Yourself and Get Back Your Power

Today’s Gentle Reflection is a reminder
that all emotions yearn to be validated
and processed.

Yes, even the ones you would deem
as bad or undesirable. Remember
that emotions don’t go away.
But they can dissipate. Also,
remember that emotions are indicators
of where your thoughts lie.

Emotions affect every thought we think
and by the way our thoughts are not facts.
That is why these emotions have to be
acknowledged. Though it may feel scary
to look at them, awareness of whatever
emotions you are feeling is empowering.
Why? Because they influence everything
you say and do. By living mindfully aware
of what you are feeling, you are able to be
the master of all aspects of Self.

So, how do you foster this awareness? By
tuning into them throughout the day. Check
in and ask yourself, “What am I feeling in the
present moment — Emotionally, Mentally
and Physically?”

Foster this understanding, free of judgment,
free of criticism, and filled with self-compassion
and sensitivity.

Need help getting in touch with your emotions
and the power they hold in your life? Schedule a
strategy session to map out your plan to Creating
Empowerment in your life.

Feeling the Good, the Bad and the Ugly,
Nancy Gentle Boudrie
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