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Using Mindfulness To Release Yourself From Negative Patterns

Using Mindfulness to Release Yourself from Negative Patterns

Do you ever feel weary of reoccurring negative patterns in your life? Let me help you free yourself of this burden, allowing you to experience a more positive, peaceful mindset.  I believe you have to apply mindful awareness to the present moment. It is in this awareness where you find the power to choose a different path.  What this means is that you have to decide to recognize when these old toxic thoughts and emotions come to mind. I have found many patterns and reactions to these thoughts are feelings that kick in automatically, like preset buttons on your radio that you mindlessly hit because it has been your “go to” emotion or thought for years.

With my program, I can help you recognize these patterns and their warning signs. Stop for just a moment and close your eyes, center, and cultivate a space in quiet stillness where you invite comfort, solace, and peace to fill you and ask yourself, “How do I want to feel in this moment?”  Remind yourself, “I am the master of every thought I think and every emotion I feel!”  This mental process is the power of pure intention; we are what we think.

Never allow someone to have so much power over you that they control your emotions, that is allowing them way too much of you that no one should ever have.  When you are presented with an obstacle in life or a confrontation, just take a step back and think before you react.  Always consider whether that moment or circumstance will have a real effect on your life or if it’s just a small hurdle that doesn’t really matter in the long-run.  Don’t give away all your energy focusing on the negative in life.  The more positive you are, the more positive your life will become.

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