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You Are Not Alone

Remember…you are not alone.  

You are connected to something greater than yourself…You can call it God or simply Source Energy, the energy that keeps the planets in alignment.  Whatever you call it, this Source Energy is an invisible force that we draw from consciously–in prayer and meditation–as well unconsciously–like the flow of our breath.

Check in with yourself: how often do you drop in to this connection to gain strength, courage, clarity, and peace?

Do you allow yourself to be open to receive and surrender to the flow of it through you?  How often do you think to set the intention to draw upon it?

I truly believe that cultivating this connection can assist us in mindfully living because it assists us in getting out of the resistance to life and into the flow of it. 

Join me in this meditation to foster our connection to this beautiful Light- and Love-filled energy that is available to us always.  Allow it to feed and nurture you as well as soothe you.  

Listen below for a guided meditation that will help you let this energy flow through you.

Bathed in the Grace of God,

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