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You Are the Master of Your Choices

As we embark upon this new year…

Remember that you hold the power of choice in your life.  

You create your life by your choices of intention and thought, and, in turn, those choices line up your actions and life experiences.

Living in awareness is the key to recognizing this profound fact.  It’s important to make choices that are best for you.  It may seem narcissistic to think in a “me-first” mentality, but this is actually not true.  On the contrary, by making choices that are best for you, you honor yourself AND those around you.  

How is this honoring those around you?  Because when you are authentic and in alignment with yourself, you are at peace with yourself.  Sure, some choices may be a compromise for you, but the important thing to ask yourself is how does that choice feel to you?  Are you being true to yourself and what feels right for you?  Are you at peace with your choice?

As you set your intentions for the New Year, remember to live in awareness that you are not a victim to your choices.  You are the master of them.

Listen below for a guided meditation that will help you stop being the victim of your choices and to master them instead.

Making wise choices for myself,

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