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Hi, I’m Nancy. My passion and goal is to help my clients bring a better sense of peace and balance to their lives.  I want them to connect to their power within and embrace a positive lifestyle to achieve personal and professional happiness. Let me help you bring happiness, stillness, and peace into your life.

How I Can Help

Rewire & Radiate

My one-on-one coaching program that gets you physically energized, mentally clear, & emotionally calm.

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Corporate Programs

Bring the power of Mindfulness to your Company, School, or Organization for stress management, improve morale and overall performance.

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Cynthia Goch

Nancy is the “light” within her business.  She effortlessly radiates love in abundance as she so generously gives to others with a loving, caring and compassionate heart.  She exudes patience, kindness, understanding, authority and direction.

– Cynthia Goch, Author, MaMa Mia Cucina – A Flavor of Good Food and Good Family

Create Your Own Path

Her 90-day Rewire and Radiate program helped me create more peace, joy and love in my professional and personal life. Her spiritual guidance has been like no other I have experienced.

I have recommended Nancy and will continue to for individual personal self-development and life long changes.

– Janice

Chris Sopa

Nancy has an amazing gift of being able to use visualization, the sound of voice and enlightened energy to help participants get to a state of peace and tranquility faster than any other practitioner I have experienced.

– Chris Sopa, Inspirational Speaker / Author / Executive Coach

A Moment in Time

Nancy helped me release resentment I had been holding on too. She helped me awaken to my true self. One thing I loved about her approach was that she was so caring and had no judgement whatsoever. I also love that she was incredibly relate-able to what I was going through.

I found the experience to be incredible and I’m so blessed she came into my life.

– Tracy Kiem

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