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Hi there, and welcome. I’m Nancy, and I want to help you.

Nancy Gentle Boudrie

Are you feeling run down from life, and no matter what you do, you nothing changes?

You’ve read self-help books and tried a few meditation apps, but you’re still stuck.

But you desperately want and need something to change.

Don’t you want to wake up excited because you love your life?

Don’t you want to feel vibrant and healthy, and flourish in your relationships and career?

I can help you get there. I have over 20 years of experience and have helped hundreds of people start living a life they’ve only ever dreamt about.

My passion and goal are to get you to a point where you can look at your life and realize you’re living the dream you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready for a massive change in your life, click here to book your FREE 30-Minute Breakthrough call.

Why should you get help from me?

Well, I’m a living example of what I teach. My awakening process started while I was running my own insurance agency. I just had my second baby and I woke up one day and didn’t even know who I really was. Filled with overwhelm and unfulfillment I knew something needed to change. I struggled with body ailments but as I went through my self-evolution and self-discovery process I was able to heal my body and my mind.

That made me decide that it was time to help as many people as I can to heal their lives from whatever it is that was bothering them.

It’s a never-ending journey but with the right tools and guidance it can be far more easier than doing it alone.

I love the journey, and I would love to help you on your journey. If you want to learn more about my amazing results driven program check out Rewire & Radiate.

On a fun note, when I’m not helping my clients, you can find me curled up reading a book, at a kickboxing class, or if it’s nice out, hiking in the mountains around me.

On weekends I’m celebrating life with my beautiful circle of family and friends.

Here’s a more formal bio of me.

Mindful-Based Initiatives Speaker, Self-Development Specialist, Meditation Professional, Energy Therapy Expert

Owner and Founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. Corporate Motivational Programs and Wellness Center helping companies and individuals live mindfully aware and at peace. Use evidence-based tools and techniques; Coaching, Mentoring, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Energy. Customize programs for Corporations, Universities, Educational Institutions, and Individuals.

Sample Presentations for Corporations, Organizations, and Institutions include:

MINDFULNESS-BASED INITIATIVES & SELF-DEVELOPMENT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & MENTOR. Programs for companies & individuals customized to enhance performance, retention, & overall well-being. Teach how to be mindfully present, minimize attention loss, and respond vs. react to situations.

GUIDED MEDITATION INSTRUCTOR – Certified Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Use tools and techniques weaving mindfulness, positive thinking, affirmation, visualization, and mantras:

ENERGY THERAPY EXPERT – Certified Reiki, Integrative Energy, Arcturian Method & Shamanic Energy Healing. Balances cellular make-up restoring natural state of well-being; mentally at peace, emotionally balanced and optimum physical health:

  • Individual or Group Sessions
  • Trainer: Reiki (Usui) Healing Level I to Master & Teacher
  • Reiki Therapy, “Unite for Her“ helping cancer patients
  • Volunteer Penn Medicine-Hospice Service providing Reiki & Bereavement Meditation Classes for patient & family


  • Mindful Based Stress Reduction, Teacher Training with Drs. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli (2010)
  • Meditation Training course at The YogaLife Institute (2010)
  • Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator & Coach (2015)
  • Usui Reiki Master and Teacher (2007)
  • Advanced Integrative Energy Therapy (2013)
  • Transformation Meditation (2009)
  • Arcturian Healing Method I and Shamanic Energy Healing with Dr. Gene Ang (2014)


  • Penn Medicine-Hospice Service, West Chester, PA (2009-present), Provide support for patients and their families through reiki and meditation services and offer seminars for the staff.
  • Downingtown East High School, Downingtown, PA (2018-present), Teach mindful living and meditation to students.

Contact Information

Address: 525 East Gay St., West Chester, PA 19380

Phone: 484-876-1048






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