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A Pathway to Inner Peace - Featuring the 4R Method

Create A Life You Design Not One of Default
– Mindfully Leading From The Inside Out

In this one-on-one executive coaching program, you learn researched-backed, proven tools and techniques to assist business leaders in navigating Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (commonly referred to as VUCA) that face us daily.

Learn how to move from surviving to thriving in life!

By changing our stress response, the nervous system function has a positive ripple effect, thus improving the overall body’s health exponentially! You reap the benefits of improving your mental and emotional well-being and your physical well-being!

Using a proven methodology rooted in mindfulness and the understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity, you are guided to develop the inner resources and communication skills needed to be present and skillful under stress, act courageously, and bring out the best in

Outstanding results have been achieved in the following areas:

Laser focus and concentration skills: University of Miami research linked high stress and high-demand environments to diminishing the part of the brain associated with attention. Those that experience VUCA regularly are founding their cognitive capacities impaired. A solid mindful practice builds muscle and dramatically improves concentration and focus.

Stress Management and Emotional Equanimity: Research has shown that people have better emotional regulation and reduced emotional reactions and triggers by learning how to recognize and manage stress levels. This way of living leads to a balanced state of being and teaches oneself mental calmness by living more in the present.

Mindful leadership skills to effectively lead: Leadership is the cornerstone of employee engagement, and nothing impacts engagement more than the behavior of the leaders. Research suggests as much as 37% of employee engagement can be attributed to the boss’s leadership behavior. Learn how to be a Mindful leader and watch the positive effects it will have on your team.

Fostering a positive outlook on life: The brain is wired to be negative; we call it negativity bias. Mindfulness teaches you to live in awareness, free of judgment and with curiosity. Learn to recognize when you are focusing on the negative and pivot to create a healthier, more optimistic view.

Developing Clear decisive, and resilient decision-making skills: Brain fog is a common problem when leaders are in continual rapid-fire situations. Mindfulness can be a powerful tool for altering and strengthening critical brain networks that foster resilience, clarity, and calm.

Establishing effective communication and relationship-building skills: Learn scientifically proven tools and techniques to improve interaction with others and communicate effectively and authentically.

How do I achieve exponential results?

Using an innovative and cutting-edge approach focused on the Science of neuroplasticity of the  brain. Research has shown that the brain is highly malleable. We can acquire new skills, drop bad habits, adapt to the environment, and heal from severe traumas and injuries.

Using this knowledge, you will learn how your brain is wired and why you do what you do. Taking that knowledge, we awaken, strengthen, and create new neural pathways to boost brain function and performance.

There are four foundational pillars to this process:

1. Recognize:
We begin by cultivating a deep sense of self-awareness. Teaching you to get curious about your inner world mindfully. Mindfully navigating deep emotions that hold you back. The power lies in awareness Recognizing such things as:
* The patterns of the mind and body.
* Mind wandering and not living in the present moment.
* The emotional current running under your thoughts that creates your perceptions. Remembering perceptions are not facts.

2. Release: Learn to navigate the seven principles of living mindful and how to release what no longer serves—removing the habitual tape loops that have formed strengthened circuits in the brain. Learning such skills as conscious acceptance, the law of detachment, and RAIN for self-compassion and navigating conflict to navigate letting go of the habits that don’t serve.

3. Rewire: With this pillar, you learn to live with repetition in your new habits and behaviors. Establishing new neural pathways and better equipped to navigate the triggers of habitual unconscious behaviors and patterns. Greater clarity, calm, and connection to your creativity and ability to peak perform emerges!

4. Radiate: Your new way of being, living, and doing is reflected in your outer world experiences. Being the best leader and overall version of self is now as natural as breathing. You positively impact those you lead and all aspects of your relationships.

What does a typical session look like, and what occurs between sessions?

There are seven sessions; each is 60 to 90 minutes in length and includes an open dialogue of understanding real-time examples and how to apply what we are learning to live.

During the session, a skill will be practiced supporting you at that juncture of the program. Each session includes personalized recordings (10-15 min. to support that session).

You will also have priority access to me via text, phone, and email. This one-on-one coaching program is not one size fits all. It is designed to fit your specific needs.

Ideally, the first three sessions are once a week for three weeks to establish a cadence and form new habits. The remaining sessions are typically every two to three weeks.

Please keep in mind that when I was training with Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn he emphasize that it takes 6 months for mindful living to become a habit. The purpose of these first three months is to show movement in mindset.

Each coaching package is designed to achieve the goals set at the start. After each session, there is homework and exercises to practice. I encourage email dialogue between sessions and any questions you may have as you practice (reasonable and customary). Additional time can be added to the package on an as-need basis.

Financing available. 

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