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A Pathway to Inner Peace - Featuring the 4R Method

The 4R Method is simple but works on multiple levels of self to reach the desired goal of inner-peace and radiating; it is a process that will elevate anyone to a healthier way of living for themselves and while impacting all around them. Nancy will be using many proven unique tools and techniques throughout this process. A custom recording (session summary) to reinforce what was gone over during the session, A frequency-based stillness recording, Suggestions for journaling to help clear the mind, a deep understanding through self-awareness of patterns and behaviors.

This 7-week transformational Methodology has completely changed people’s lives for over 17 years; please ask if you want to see testimonials. As your intuitive guide to inner peace, all things will focus on helping you find your inner peace. Scientific data have forged this Program to reprogram your way of being it has a mixture of scientific-based practices and pure energy work. In addition, there is always the ability to take the next step and have in-person energy sessions that are custom and unique to each person; these sessions are limited and elevate the whole experience.

The goal of working with me and this Program is to guide you towards living a life of fulfillment and in a more genuine way to yourself, with clarity and integrity. You will look and feel lighter, you will Radiate at a new level, and people almost won’t recognize you. You will handle and process everything in a new way and live in a place of peace.

The results seen over the years, based on each individual’s willingness to learn and evolve, are:
– A deep level of self-compassion, while being an astutely self-aware way of living
– Living into a purpose that drives you to be your best self each day
– Living in a way that radiates clarity and understanding
– Creating an environment where one’s vulnerability allows others to feel safe to be vulnerable
– Overall increasing productivity and clarity in all aspects of your life
– A deep understanding of your energy and how to allow it to shine
– The realization that you are the creator of your world and attract all you wish to live into

Recognize – This is the process of deep self-awareness and self-acceptance to a point you will understand and see what has held you back all these years while becoming more present.

In this process, we will have a deep dive in a gentle, honest way to identify old patterns and behaviors that Nancy will guide you with as you grow and move forward. Nancy will be using actual research and data from her studies with Dr. Joe Dispenza and reference materials from his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

Nancy will also explain expanded emotions and contracted emotions and use the charts from Dr. David Hawkins.
Explaining that the key is getting curious about your inner world free of judgment. Also, cultivating self-compassion while becoming accountable to yourself through living in a deep level of transparency with yourself.

Release – This is all about fully embracing where you are to identify, accept and replace old patterns, behaviors, and programming. Living without attachment is the key to having personal freedom; from there and only there can we reach our inner peace; this is where the clarity and a more profound vision for your life will start to fall in place.

Nancy helps you identify and release triggers through self-kindness and love while processing difficult emotions.

Rewire – During this time, you will start living in your new habits and behaviors, and through repetition, they will become the natural new way of living. Through self-awareness without judgment, you will be able to identify any traces of the old ways popping up and live in an elevated manner of clarity and self-understanding.

You will become more creative and calmer, which in turn, you will be able to innovate anything that you have not been able to in the past.

You start to trust yourself, become more patient, and indeed be your new self. This state will create so much peace, fulfillment, and joy for life that most won’t even know what has happened with you.

Radiate – This is when the deep inner work starts to reflect outwards to the world; you are seen as a more radiant, lighter, and, in some cases, a different person. You will be energized, peaceful, with heightened clarity and focus, genuinely self-aware yet with self-compassion, and ready to see the world from this new way of living. Things will start aligning for you in a new way, like never before; you will begin to see your impact on those you interact with.

The gentle giant way of living will be present and take over; you will be the leader you always dreamed of while at peace with yourself, your choices, and your decisions. You will start to trust yourself at such a depth that you will never ignore your intuition again; this will create a level of personal freedom that you will have never imagined possible.

This 4R Method has a limited number of slots available because of the customized and personalized nature of this 1:1 Program. In addition, we can customize this in workshops and retreats for groups and teams. Since the energy therapy is truly an individualized custom approach from Nancy, make sure to secure your spot, she is limited by time.

Love, Peace, and Joy,

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