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Words From My Clients

“I’m writing to express my infinite appreciation for your assistance with my awakening and 360 degree transformation. You’ve been an integral part of my healing and are such a great example of a selfless Mother and powerful healer. Thank you for your service to me and everyone that you are assisting during this shift. You’re the best! – Becky G.

“Nancy has an amazing gift of being able to use visualization, the sound of voice and enlightened energy to help participants get to a state of peace and tranquility faster than any other practitioner I have experienced.  Her guided meditations leave you feeling empowered, light and with a sense of peace that permeates your whole being.  She is truly a gift to the world of new consciousness.” – Chris Sopa, Inspirational Speaker/Author/Executive Coach

“Since starting my meditation classes with Nancy I have experienced a calmer state of mind and have a deeper feeling of peace and well-being.  In the past two months since starting with Nancy I have been more focused in my work and at the same time, more relaxed at home with my kids in the evening. Her class is time well spent.” – Jerry Moye, Senior Branch Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance

“I had such a positive and amazing experience with the Reiki attunement.  My husband came home from work and said, “Wow, I haven’t seen you so relaxed in years.”  My permanent furrow between my eyes was gone and I was filled with peace. Felt like the beings of white light and love had caressed the inner turmoil from my spirit.  Still have moments of intense power and joy.” – Karen Gibson, RN Neighborhood Hospice Agency

“Nancy is a very gifted gentlewoman.  Through her skill and guidance, I have been able to have calm, peace, and a consistent positive outlook on a daily basis.  I find Nancy to be a joyful person.  The services that she offers are exceptional and reasonably priced and have life changing results.  I do highly recommend her to everyone as I know they would benefit from any and all of her services.” – Mary Coyne, RN and Melaleuca Marketing Executive

“Nancy has the perfect personality and disposition for the types of services she delivers to her clients.  She is warm, personable, compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate about her life’s calling.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  I highly recommend Nancy.  I look forward to using her services again in the near future.” – Mary Roeckel, Client

“As a passionate entrepreneur and business owner of Awaken with Light, Nancy is the ‘light’ within her business.  She effortlessly radiates love in abundance as she so generously gives to others with a loving, caring, and compassionate heart.  She exudes patience, kindness, understanding, authority, and direction.  Nancy demonstrates friendship, both professionally and personally.  You will feel ‘energized’ in her presence!” – Cynthia Goch, Author MaMa Mia Cucina ~ A Flavor of Good Food and Good Family

“Nancy offers several different services at her Awaken With Light studio.  Although I am a Reiki practitioner myself, I am not at the same level as Nancy, and so I go to her when I am in need of Reiki.  She is a truly gifted Reiki Master!  I leave all Reiki sessions with Nancy feeling relaxed and energized; truly refreshed.  Whether you are looking for a Meditation Workshop, Reiki, or any of her other workshops, you cannot go wrong by putting your trust in Nancy!  TV’s Dr. Oz recommends that people give Reiki a try in 2010, so I encourage you to contact Nancy to book a session.” – Jennifer Peed, CFO & Program Director, Self Worth Coalition

“I’ve known Nancy Boudrie for many years prior to her realization of her great powerful gift. Nancy has always been a spiritual, loving, caring, sincere friend, who had the ability to make others around her step back, take a deep breath and look at things differently, calmly. I was thrilled when I learned that she had begun Awaken with Light and that she had found out the strength of her spiritual connections and I was not surprised. When my sister was very ill and no doctor could provide a diagnosis or a proper treatment, I brought her to Nancy and attended the Reiki session with her. My sister had the shakes when she entered the session, and they were gone when she left. Not only were the shakes gone, but every day after that session, my sister began to feel a bit better without explanation. While she is not healed, her symptoms have become much less intense and she is functional and working again. I truly believe that it was Nancy’s Reiki session that put her on that track to healing. Thank you, Nancy!” – Laurie Eldridge-Shanaman


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