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Work-life Balance Concept

Mindfulness for Work-Life Balance

Take a moment to reflect on how mindfulness for work-life balance can improve your balance of work and life. Are you at work worrying about home and at home worrying about work? Today, I read a statement saying, “Be where…

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Transform Negative Thoughts with Reiki

Today's Mindful moment we'll explore how Reiki can help you transform negative thoughts and emotions, and guide you towards healing and embracing them. When negative thoughts arise, it's best to address them rather than suppress them. We have been taught…

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Mindfully Managing Stress: Empower Your Life

Today’s Mindful Moment is a reminder you are a creator of your life experience. You are not a victim of circumstance. Do not succumb to the energy around you if it is not aligned with the energy within you. Remember,…

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Letting Go Of Mental Overload

After a full day of being out in the world, experiences, words exchanged, and stories we have heard continue to play out in our heads. Even when you lay down to unwind and go to sleep, in the quietness of…

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How Our Minds Affect Our Health

Understanding the mind-body connection is vitally important in sustaining a healthy life. To have a healthy, vibrant body, we must eat and drink certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals. But are we consciously aware of what is needed for…

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